Preview: Pizza Express


What’s it about?

About a week ago, if you asked me about Pizza Express, I would’ve assumed you were talking about the restaurant, and probably gotten a little bit hungry. Now when I think about Pizza Express, I’m thinking more about the addictive gameplay of Onni Interactive’s brilliant game of the same name. I’m also still getting a little hungry. Published by Black Shell Media, it is a game that has just been Greenlit by Steam and should hopefully be with us in no time at all.

You start as the head chef of a brand new pizzeria that your friend has inherited from his father, and you’re tasked with helping to make it the greatest restaurant in the city. Fortunately, you’re not alone and are given guidance by your friend and your girlfriend who offer humorous quips and information about how to do your job. You’re given control of most aspects of the restaurant – during open hours you’ll be put in the kitchen and asked to complete all the orders that come in, as well as ordering and refilling your stock, and when you’re closed you can create and name new pizzas, put new ingredients in the kitchen and alter your suppliers as well.

What’s good about it?

It’s clear that Onni Interactive have done their homework on what makes a successful tycoon game, as Pizza Express covers all the core staples perfectly, and even goes above and beyond in some. The best example of this is the story. While it’s not always an essential asset to a tycoon game, the implementation in Pizza Express is spot on. It gives a bit of background to the game as well as introducing you to some very quirky and humorous characters. It gives a nice amount of context and makes you feel part of the restaurant as well, rather than just giving you a few pizzas to make every now and then.

Some brilliant dialogue

Sounds lovely!

As good as the story is, the music is by far the greatest part of this game. Created by a host of brilliant chiptunes artists, the soundtrack is amongst the most enjoyable I’ve listened to in a very long time. There’s a nice mixture of upbeat and vibrant songs that really enhance the game and make it all the more fun to play through.

The Final Word

Overall, it’s a pretty absorbing game. There’s a lot to do and, as with most tycoon games, you’ll quickly find yourself passing hours as you improve the restaurant and provide pizzas to the people. It probably sounds as just another simple tycoon game, and in many ways it is, but it does offer some pretty fun aspects and is well worth keeping an eye on for when it releases.

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