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Castle Creeps

When I was younger, I played a lot of Warcraft III. And for those of you who also played it, you’ll know a large part of time spent in that game is playing the custom games! I think I played just about every type of custom game going, from the original DotA to various Life of a Peasant maps, but my favourite had to be tower defence (TD) games. There were all sorts of TDs available, single player TDs, team TDs and even player vs player TDs. I loved playing each and every one of them, but haven’t really played too many decent ones since. I did, however, stumble across a polished-looking TD called Castle Creeps, and I couldn’t resist.

Nostalgia? Kind of?

My phone isn’t the biggest – the S5 has a screen of around five inches, so occasionally I’ll struggle to play some titles. Fortunately, this isn’t the case with Castle Creeps, as the developers have designed the game to perfection. Placing and selecting your towers is incredibly easy, as the menus are so intuitive. Picking where to plop an infantry tower down to best counter the inbound hordes of enemies is so simple that it makes playing the game really fun. Not having to worry about mis-clicking and wasting hundreds of ingame currency is surprisingly nice.

There’s also a fair amount of towers to play with in the game as well, and each one has a nifty upgrade tree too, giving some RPG elements to the game. As each tower does different things, it means you can have different tactics when it comes to defeating the oncoming threat of defeat posed by the various nasties around the level. You’re also given access to a hero, who can freely roam around the map and batter any monster you set it on, as well as having a special ability that will help your cause. This mixing of heroes and towers really did throw me back to the good ol’ days of Warcraft III, and I love it. Felt like I’d rolled back all the years and was really back in my element with it.

Is it another clone?

One thing I did find a little off-putting was the similarity in appearance to other mobile games. Obviously some games have similar art styles, but games like Clash of Clans have a very distinctive art style. It’s not a bad one, and Clash of Clans certainly weren’t the first to come up with it, but they are the most recent example. I’ve seen hundreds of ads for those crappy games that are all seemingly clones of one another, and was fairly disappointed to see Castle Creeps go down that route too. If it didn’t offer me excellent tower defence gameplay, then this is definitely a game that I’d pass over.

Castle Creeps

It does look like almost every other game out there.

The Final Word

Mechanically, Castle Creeps is a fantastic game. There are a lot of different towers, menus are straight forward and easy to navigate, and a slew of different monsters that you’ll need to use different tactics to defeat. It’s shame that people may well overlook this game due to it looking pretty much like a clone of all the other ‘big’ mobile games out there, because it does have a lot to offer.

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I had a TD nostalgia trip the other day and played some really bad flash TD game. I think I’m going to download this and give it a try 😀