CASTLES- A Slew review


What goes up! Must come down…

I’m a sucker for a bargain and at £3.99 on the Marketplace, this caught my eye. Things started off well with a rather charming intro where we’re introduced to King Harold who needs us to build him a mighty monument!

It’s not clear to me how developers, WhootGames, came round to the title CASTLES, as the game here is all about building Towers!

Gameplay is kept fairly simple, following the tried and tested connect three formula that’s been done time and time again. lining up blocks by either colour or type, (indicated by a little builders tool, cute) into rows of three to five at a time.

Connect three and that’s great, four or five however and you get yourself a little hammer or some dynamite to clear back a few of those unwanted blocks. Your little builders will push and pull as quickly as they can, but ultimately they move a little too slow for my liking.

Things get trickier very fast as after every few levels the evil King Edmund will throw a goon at you to contend with while your shuffling blocks. These boss fights are a welcome change to the pace, but the odds feel very stacked against you most of the time, and the slow moving builders struggle to keep up.

There’s also survival mode to tackle, but again making it past the 5 minute mark feels sadly like a chore, and there’s also Versus mode thrown in for some competitive multiplayer action.

Overall I’m going say that you could do a lot worse for a £3.99 game, but it just feels like this was designed for a tablet or a smartphone.



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