Not A Hero

Not a Hero

I was presented with Not A Hero on my Steam queue, and decided to add it to my wishlist, thinking I’d buy it after Christmas. Fortunately, I didn’t have to wait that long, as my brother liked the look of it and bought it for me for Christmas, so I was able to try to elevate BunnyLord to the position of mayor for the game’s fictional setting. BunnyLord is a dapper looking anthropomorphic rabbit from the future, and the key point on his manifesto is his desire to reduce crime. Taking a very Duterte-esque line, BunnyLord believes the easiest way to reduce crime is to slaughter every criminal in the city, in as bloody fashion as possible. While it does sound a little over the top, it does mean for some great run-and-gun action.

Glorious Retro Humour

There’s a point where the retro-styled games market is going to be a tad oversaturated, but I’m hoping it’s a long way off. If developers can put out games that look as good as Roll7 have done with NOT A HERO, then I’m sure I’ll have plenty to play in the near future. Obviously it could be argued that pixel graphics are a bit of a lazy option, given you only really have to work in 2D, but making it look as gorgeous as this game the real challenge.

One thing that every game tries to have, but often struggles with, is a good sense of humour. NOT A HERO absolutely nails it. There’s so many funny bits in this game, from hilarious cut scenes to the often funny quips offered by the characters you play as. I’m not the greatest at shoot ’em ups in general, but because of the awe-inspiring speeches given by BunnyLord, I was determined to see the end. He may sound like a balloon being stretched, but the words he speaks are wonderfully funny.

Not a Hero

Bright, colourful and plenty of henchmen to murder!

Not a Hero is correct

If you’re quick to anger, especially by video games that like to ramp up the difficulty, then perhaps NOT A HERO isn’t for you. This would normally suit me, but strangely I was enjoying the gorgeous visuals and cracking humour too much to find myself too pissed off. I can see why some people would though, the controls are a little iffy and the cover mechanics aren’t fantastic. I found myself skidding around everywhere to try to get behind cover, only to realise I was being shot dead. It can get extremely frustrating when you’re faced with a lot of enemies, and you’re trying to act like Sol Campbell and his never ending slide tackle.

Not a Hero - Hero!

I mean, I’d vote for this guy, wouldn’t you?

The Final Word

NOT A HERO is a great game in many ways, but it does fall down a little. Some of the mechanics need to be polished a little, but there are some other parts of the game that are spot on. The humour, the graphics and the general mayhem are all perfect and thoroughly enjoyable. When you approach this game, you should definitely be asking not what BunnyLord can do for you, but what you can do for the charismatic bunny. It’s a top tale of carnage and definitely one of the funniest games I’ve played in a long time.

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Nice article, Edd. Humour is so subjective that it’s a difficult concept to deliver in gaming. Can only really think of Monkey Island that pulled it off consistently whilst still delivering a top quality game.