About The Site

The Video Game Almanac is a source for video game reviews and articles, as well as the occasional video. We’ll promise to provide you with unbiased opinions on all your favourite games and hope to introduce you to a few new ones along the way.

You can look forward to new content daily, including reviews on current games as well as features on retro gems. We’re also working on a few new things for you right now too, and are looking to improve, so if you think you could help, if you’re looking to get a start in the gaming industry or would like some experience being a writer feel free to email [email protected].

As always, stay tuned for your gaming forecast.

Meet The Team


Edd Harding


Edd set up VG Almanac in late-2014, with the first article being published in February of 2015. The idea behind the site was simple – he wanted to get through his sizeable Steam library of games to justify the fact that he spent money (earned from his teen years selling kisses on the streets) for all of them. Unfortunately, four years on, this has yet to happen. Edd’s love of gaming has been a constant throughout his life, starting in the mid-90s with the old Humongous Entertainment games, all the way to present day, where he is usually found thumbing through player profiles on Football Manager.

Jake The VoiceJake ‘The Voice’ Parr
Senior Editor


Jake joined VG Almanac in September 2018 after threatening the right people. Years of writing for various freelance indie websites, as well as big-name YouTube channels like GVMERS and Top Lists, was more than enough proof that the lad prefers to relentlessly talk about games rather than get a social life. Not only is Jake a freelance voice actor, but he’s also a commercial radio DJ on Siren Radio (where he was nicknamed ‘Jake The Voice’ by the boss because of his distinctive voice), and has presented the popular video game-centric radio show The Cyber Den on it for well over half a decade. Simply put, he’s big, he’s bad – he is your dad.