4 Telltale Signs Of An Incredible Video Game

Gaming is the best way to keep yourself occupied when you’re bored. There are only so many times you can exercise and take naps! Video games are immersive and engaging, so there’s no doubt the time will fly by before you understand what’s happening.

There’s one problem – the cost. Splashing out for consoles and video games isn’t inclusive at a time like this, so you want to make sure you’re making a sound purchase before proceeding to the checkout. Some people opt for the top games, yet you might not enjoy them as much if they don’t tick the right boxes.

Here’s how to spot a game that will cover every base.

Nostalgic Value

Kids and adults love to game, although you may not have the time anymore because of your grown-up responsibilities. A lockdown is a perfect opportunity to relight the spark as it isn’t as if you’re going anywhere anytime soon. But, which game do you pick when there are so many options? A fantastic tip is to look at your shelf at your basketball trophies and Dragonball Z figures or whatever’s staring back. These are the things you enjoy in real life, so it’s not a leap to say you’ll love them in video game form. Of course, any games you played as a child should add sentimental value, too.

Socially Aware

Most non-gamers scoff at the idea that gaming is social. Sitting at home staring at a screen isn’t the same as leaving the house and mixing with your friends and family in your mind. Still, there are different ways to socialise, and gaming brings the virtual element to the fore. With an internet connection and the right hardware, you can connect with your loved ones regardless of quarantine rules. The trick is to opt for a game with an excellent online mode, for instance, a huge map.


The novelty factor may wear off quite quickly, leaving you as bored as you were before you spent a couple of hundred bucks on gaming equipment! It’s worth buying games that are engaging to prevent the investment from going to waste, and looking for one with variety will help. Mario and Sonic at the Olympics is a prime example because it includes more than a single discipline. Once the track and field part loses its shine, you can try your hand at swimming, basketball, or boxing. Hopefully, this will increase the novelty element to prevent you from finding it monotonous.

Gut Feel

Letting your gut feeling take over isn’t always useful. However, there’s a reason you were drawn to the game in the first place. It could be that the packaging and aesthetics were designed to catch your eye and splash out and you’re a victim of modern marketing. It might be that you like the sound of the story and online mode, and the graphics look stunning. Research is always important, but it can dilute the decision-making process.

Do yourself a favour and don’t overthink things. If it’s good enough for your gut, it’s good enough for your eyes!

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