Battlefield 5’s Delayed Release Won’t Effect The Beta

Battlefield's Beta will still be going live as scheduled on September 6th. Enjoy the Battlefield 5 fun while it lasts, remember, it's going to be unavailable to play again until November 20th.

This month is a massive month for gamers, Multiple releases like Spider-Man and Fifa 19 dot September’s calendar days whilst October promises to deliver just as many great titles.

Battlefield 5 was scheduled to be one of October’s big games but EA Dice have pushed the deadline back to November 20th.

Although this news comes as somewhat of a disappointment to Battlefield players, the first-person shooter’s Beta will still be going live as scheduled. Battlefield‘s Beta goes live tomorrow at 9:00 am BST (6th September 2018) and will run until the 11th September3:00 PM BST. You’ll be able to download the Beta for free and join in on the action. Dice will be after your feedback, so feel free to pitch in and make Battlefield 5 better for everyone!

Maps & Modes In Battlefield 5’s Beta:

You’re probably wondering what sort of action-packed content you’ll have available to sink your teeth into. EA confirms two maps will be available in the Beta, featuring traditional 64-player Conquest game mode. The first of these two maps is set in Rotterdam, Holland; where Dice has revealed, “The game’s dynamic physicality and destruction will be on full display.” The second map is set in the icy, war-torn, Narvik, Norway.


Both of these maps will utilize many of Battlefield 5‘s key mechanics, most notably, the new Fortification system that lets players build. Yes, you read that right, you can now build bases in Conquest mode! Battlefield’s back-to-basics super-destructive-engine will be on full display to knock down whatever you construct.

Battlefield V gameplay by The Broken Machine on YouTube for the Alpha stages. (TheBrokenMachine)

Players can also try out the new and improved Grand Operations mode for two days in the Beta. This is great news for those of you who want to find out what direction they’ve taken with the Operations mode. Or maybe you just want to feel immersed in the battles that are inspired by real-life events. Beta users can also stretch their legs in the new Tides of War mode, something that promises squads a taster of what has yet to come.

Word From The Devs:

“This is World War 2 like you’ve never seen or played before…” tease Battlefield’s Developer, Dice, in their video to the public onTwitter.

“…Single-player, Multi-player, Battle Royale, and the new game mode that will keep you and your squad playing well into the future, Tides of War…”

It’s clear these are the main selling points for the game. They go on to tell us that Frontline makes a comeback alongside Conquest in multi-player. However, we will also see new additions like the Battle Royale mode (Battlefield getting behind the Battle Royale hype), as well as the improved Grand Operations that can last up to four in-game days. They also confirm the return of War Stories in single-player, something many gamers really enjoyed in Battlefield 1.

I don’t know about you but I can’t wait to get on the Battlefield and blow stuff to pieces! Thankfully Dice haven’t delayed the scheduled Beta. Enjoy the Battlefield 5 fun while it lasts, it’s going to be unavailable to play again until November 20th. Remember, this is just a Beta, only a small taste of what the Battlefield 5 experience will really be like. See you on the Battlefield, soldier!


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