Best Video Game Songs #1: ‘Aquatic Ambience’ – Donkey Kong Country | Feature

What are some of the best songs from the world of video games, be they from obscure games or famous ones, old or new, good or bad? Well, we at VG Almanac are off to find as many of the greatest tunes out there for all to enjoy!

Track: Aquatic Ambience
Game: Donkey Kong Country
Composer/Performer: David Wise

Quite possibly the most iconic from the entire Donkey Kong series in general has to be this serene track from Donkey Kong Country for the SNES. Even on the primitive hardware for the time, the music sounds absolutely beautiful, almost as if each note is literally bubbling from the blue abyss below. It’s quite multi-layered with its instruments as well, with many notes whistling and humming along together, so while it is quite thick, how it all harmonizes together still makes it sound quite delicate.

‘Aquatic Ambience’ is considered to be a fan favourite track. You’ll find literally hundreds of remixes of the track on SoundCloud, and any YouTube video featuring the game’s soundtrack (especially the many 10-hour loops of the song) are chock-filled with comments by many fans expressing how nostalgic and comforted they feel when hearing this dreamy-sounding tune.


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