Best Video Game Songs #3: ‘Rocket Jump Waltz’ – Team Fortress 2 | Feature

What are some of the best songs from the world of video games, be they from obscure games or famous ones, old or new, good or bad? Well, we at VG Almanac are off to find as many of the greatest tunes out there for all to enjoy!

Track: Rocket Jump Waltz
Game: Team Fortress 2
Composer/Performer: Valve Symphony Orchestra

An instantly recognizable ditty, this track is synonymous with the Soldier class. It’s a lively, uplifting ensemble of wind and brass instruments, and is easy to get hooked to, thanks to its soft-sounding trombones layered over the dainty whistling of a flute. Rounding off the brief track is a familiar leitmotif, as heard at the end of the game’s main theme (which also doubles as the victory fanfare that plays during the end of a successful round).

It’s been covered and remixed frequently by the fanbase, often alongside rhythmic, hard-hitting beats, dramatic-sounding deliveries and an extended length – the original is just over 40 seconds long! But there’s no doubting that this track is universally beloved by Valve fans across the board.


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