Best Video Game Songs #2: ‘Messij’ – Wipeout | Feature

What are some of the best songs from the world of video games, be they from obscure games or famous ones, old or new, good or bad? Well, we at VG Almanac are off to find as many of the greatest tunes out there for all to enjoy!

Track: Messij
Game: Wipeout
Composer/Performer: CoLD SToRAGE (Tim Wright)

First featured in the iconic futuristic racing game Wipeout, ‘Messij’ is an envigorating and addictive electronica track with fast-tempo beats, a funnk bassline, and a memorable sample of a woman singing “whoa-ho-oh!” repeatedly, almost as if it was some kind of nod to Pink Floyd’s ‘The Great Gig In The Sky’. Occasionally sped up and pitch-shifted, it will no doubt glue itself in your memory, much like the instrumentation. It seldom takes a moment to breathe as synths squeak and grumble away in tune with the sharp, tip-tap of the percussions.

‘Messij’ comes in a few different versions. The original is a head-thumping 5-minute track, while ‘Messij Received’ from the Sega Saturn port Wipeout 2097 features a fragment of the original that’s followed by a chunk of original instrumentation showcasing some airy, almost erethral-sounding synths. The same port featured an extended version, fusing both versions with an extended intro and outro for a whopping 9 minutes in ‘Messij Xtnd’.

A ‘Bobbing Beat Mix’ and ‘WSTWGBE Mix’ were released on his free 2018 remix album Ch’illout” – each sounded a lot more mellow without completely slowing itself down. So, in short, there’s plenty of variety on offer for a splendid song from a classic racing title.


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