Every Google search I make related to Project Zomboid reveals to me that I might be the only person on the internet incapable of making my character survive for longer than a couple of days. There are videos out there of people who have created whole towns, who have perfected the art of zombie survival that would make even Rick Grimes look like a noob. All I seem to have managed is to find 7 new ways about how zombies can and will end your game.

Here’s whats happened so far

A Human Zombie Virus has claimed all of the lives of the town of Muldraugh and Alice Morgan is its sole survivor. We don’t know how or why she is the only unaffected person but we do know that we want to keep her unaffected. That means avoiding her previous neighbors, friends, family and total strangers who want to bite, scratch and claw her to create a delicious feast from her Ph.d brain. Alice’s first actions in this situation of horror is to empty all the cupboards and pocket as much canned soup and chocolate bars as she can carry. Armed only with a golf club she sets out to find a safe base from which to operate and survive the rest of her life in zombie free harmony.


..well things didn’t go according to plan the first time around. It turns out that a golf club breaks fairly quickly. Let’s start over.

So character creation. Here is my Alice Morgan.


I realize that picture will be a bit small so here is the rundown:

Lumberjack (the axe is amazing, and what better weapon for a psychopath) High Thirst (not a problem, where there is rain there is water!), Restless Sleeper (not a problem for a psychopath, dreams are over rated), Slow healer (Just don’t get hurt!), Light Eater (Being the last person alive doesn’t mean we don’t have to gorge ourselves on all the available food), Lucky (This should mean more loot, and would be a cause of irony later), Strong (as strong in mind as in body).

Now that we have our Alice, we need to establish a goal. A building I really like is a large warehouse that is just rammed full of boxes filled with nails, various tools, seeds etc. It’s a great big building with a small upper floor and roof access for sun bathing (I’ve linked to it below). The first time I played this game I discovered that this warehouse made gathering supplies much easier, everything under one roof, sort of like a home improvement store where the goods are discounted by 100%. And so I made it Alice’s destination goal. Before leaving her starting house she grabs a bottle of water, some chocolate bars, and a kitchen knife from the cupboard and heads off to the warehouse.

Arriving surprisingly safe and in one piece, Alice searches the crates within the warehouse and finds a hammer, some nails, planks of wood, and an axe!! The great chopper of shambling monstrosities. With her offensive game ready in hand it’s time to board up the windows to improve her defensive game.



The hammering of nails into wood alerts nearby zombies who begin pounding at the door. Alice, feeling confident, weighs up the possibility of losing the door leaving the warehouse exposed, or fighting off the horde with her new axe. Opening the door was her second mistake, her first was ignoring the numerous negative effects she was suffering such as being Sleepy, Hungry, Thirsty, and feeling the effects of Panic at the sight of so many ex-humans. When you add Bleeding, Injured, and Pain to your list, the outcome of incoming death is almost certain. Not a great situation to be in, and Alice number 2 dies to her rotting invaders.

The following Alice Morgan did a little better as befits the third in her Morgan lineage, and as they say, “third times the charm”. She made it to the warehouse as safe as her predecessor and set about organizing the boxes of loot so as to be better prepared for her promising future of nightmare survival. As sunlight vanished she thought it might be best to find a house with a bed to sleep in. However what she should have done is to stay put and simply fallen over from exhaustion because anything is better than being chased through a small wood by the drooling idiot corpses and eaten, which is exactly what happened to her.


I sense a theme here

Alice number 4 did a little better. She made it to day 3 but again hammering planks to the windows for reinforcement brought a really large horde of walkers to the warehouse who smashed the door to pieces. Alice chopped several up with her families heirloom (the axe!) but there was just too many, so she made a break for the roof and locked the door. After a couple hours silence and with no thunderous banging on the door to be heard, Alice started to believe that the shambling morons had forgotten all about her and so, opened the door to check.


After running around dodging biting teeth and clawing hands for the best part of 20 minutes, and even after closing the door to stem the reinforcing tide of dead pushing through, her situation did not improve, not with an empty shotgun, not with empty hopes, not with the way her names luck had been going. The lucky perk does nothing to improve ones chances against the undead.

Zombies 4, Alice 0

Alice number 5 placed sheets across the warehouse windows before boarding them up. Alice and I are not sure if it is possible to muffle the sounds of hammering but being a confident person, Alice with her axe felt like she could take the few Zed heads that showed up.


She did very well and behaved more cautiously in her fight but sadly one of these axe chopped Zeds lunged at her from the ground, scratching and biting through her trousers introducing her immune system to the HZV. After the battle she opted to finish off some packets of pain killers and sleeping pills, choosing to fall asleep and die in a comatose state of bliss than one of pain.

The sixth Alice survived the shortest amount of time over any previous Alice Morgans, she died during the day by the house next door after only 5 hours.


I had known that smashing windows means broken glass, what I was unaware of was that broken glass means bleeding injuries which means blood loss which means death. Of course I am aware of this in my own real life but in my previous adventures of PZ over the last two years it had never been a problem. Up until this point Alice hadn’t had to smash a window open. So poor Alice No.6 fell down dead of blood loss because her bandages don’t clot your wounds when they are gushing with blood.


So here is the seventh Alice (of a seventh Alice!) and so far she has survived a few days. The large warehouse has been avoided and instead Ms.Morgan traveled South and found a nice house with not too many windows, an upper floor, and plenty of surrounding trees and grassland to start a farm. There has been a couple of close calls when raiding her neighboring homes for supplies as some have functioning house alarms which signal huge numbers of walkers from the forest and nearby urban areas. Though so far so good, and surviving forever isn’t the point anyway as the game will tell you..


I do hope she survives.

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