CROSS-PLATFORM PLAY: Sony Finally Play Ball | Fortnite Players Of All Systems Can Now Play Together

"Personally, I get this feeling cross-platform will be a major selling point with the next lot of consoles. Perhaps we'll see the death of console exclusives? I'd love to play Halo on multiple systems!"

Finally! Players who own PlayStation 4 systems can now play Fortnite with Sony’s rival systems. This is massive news! Now, a popular free-to-play game exists that allow players of all formats to co-exist. My initial thoughts on this were corporate greed and ignorance. Thankfully, Sony has seen the error of their ways. No resentment should be held against the company for their decision, instead, let me just praise them for this bold decision. In the past, Sony, Xbox, Nintendo, they all stood tall as castles on the battlefield of Console Preference.


Cross-Platform – Word From The Bossman:

Posted by  President and Global CEO on the PlayStation Blog.

“… Following a comprehensive evaluation process, SIE has identified a path toward supporting cross-platform features for select third-party content.

The first step will be an open beta beginning today for Fortnite that will allow for cross-platform gameplay, progression and commerce across PlayStation 4, Android, iOS, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, and Mac operating systems.

For 24 years, we have strived to deliver the best gaming experience to our fans by providing a uniquely PlayStation perspective. Today, the communities around some games have evolved to the point where cross-platform experiences add significant value to players.

This represents a major policy change for SIE, and we are now in the planning process across the organization to support this change. We will update the community once we have more details to share, including more specifics regarding the beta timeframe, and what this means for other titles going forward.

In the meantime, please stay tuned for more information via PlayStation.Blog and social channels, including TwitterFacebook, and Instagram. …”

The Ninth Generation:

With increasing fake-news about PlayStation 5 been on the horizon, I thought it a good opportunity to ventilate my prediction for the ninth-generation of consoles. Personally, I get this feeling cross-platform will be a major selling point with the next lot of consoles. Perhaps we’ll see the death of console exclusives? I’d love to play Halo on multiple systems! That’s just a prediction, I’ve been wrong and right about this stuff before. Also, on a further note, I predict that the ninth generation of consoles won’t arrive until 2025. Yes, I am part of the gaming cult who believe that Nintendo Switch is eight generation. With the Wii U working like Xbox 360 Elite, only with the Nintendo, money-grabbing style of making Wii U exclusives.


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