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Merge Dragons is one of the most popular pattern matching games out there. As a player, you explore the Merge Dragons world to find out different powerful combos and get benefits from it. In short, it is an exploration game where you need to match different types of objects to proceed further in the game.

Merge Dragon offers different elements to combine, including stars, dragon eggs, magical flowers, and so on. You also have a camp that you can build during the course of your game time. In total, the game offers 500 fantastic objects with almost 900 quests to complete! That’s a lot and it should take some good time to complete. Moreover, you can also add friends and share items with them — adding the necessary social element to the game. For a larger screen experience you can play this game on PC by downloading it from here, and using an Android emulator like BlueStacks or MEmu.

5 Games Similar to Merge Dragons

If you liked Merge Dragons, then you are surely looking out for games like Merge Dragons. Let’s go through them below. These games will be based on both exploration and trial & error. You will also get the adrenaline that you get by solving puzzles. So, without any delay, let’s get started.

Merge Mayor – Idle Village

In Merge Mayor, you play as a mayor managing your small town. You are selected as a mayor to see above the town. You grow as the town by laying the foundations. You can add new businesses and then let them run in a simulation. With time, you will get money and you can then use it to further develop the town.

The challenge is to carefully plan its growth and ensure that you design the town layout favorably for the inhabitants. The merge element of the game starts to form the goods and vehicles. You can merge them and get better results. Merge Mayor also offers the missions which once completed, earns you rewards. The main aim is to transform the small town into a big one with time!

The merging system is excellent and anything new you create can be used within the game.


EverMerge offers you access to a fascinating world around you. You get access to a wonderful world where you can get discover the different elements. As a player, you start in the magical world where you start by combining the small pieces. You can combine similar things to create new things. Once you do that, you can discover new items! With time, you can also discover new lands with new items!

EverMerge offers a sandbox-style play style which means that players can take their own path and combinations.

Some of the key features of the EverMerge game include:

  • New combinations always come up, you just need to continue creating them.
  • You create your ultimate collection of items
  • Discover magical treasures
  • Mine different resources: wood, stone, and so on.

Merge Bakery

Merge Bakery lets you dive deep into a bakery-style merge game. It is one of the highly ranked games available online.

The game lets you combine exciting recipes and create new ones by merging them. The newly created treats offer your customers to new taste every time you create something new.

You also take care of your customer’s happiness. That’s why you need to feed them and make sure that they are happy. Moreover, the game also gives you the option to create your own dream bakery where you can explore the interiors and add new elements to your bakery.

Restaurant Rush

Restaurant Rush makes you become part of a famous restaurant. You become part of the Burget rush, where you play as a famous chef. Your job is to create famous dishes from the recipes and use your skills to serve your customers. It is an adventure where you do not become a famous chef just like that. You need to struggle through the ranks. Apart from customers, you need to prepare the dishes for competitions.

In the game, you need to use your matching skills to create dishes like Pizza Marinara, Dim Sum, Filet Mignon, and so on.

You start easy where you need to mix and match few ingredients to create the dishes. As you progress, you will get challenged and you need to use your time-management skills to create hard dishes.

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