FINAL THOUGHTS: Battlefield V Beta

The Battlefield V Beta has delivered us some controversial, hands-on, gameplay. With the critically acclaimed war-shooter’s fanbase left shaken and in dissagrement. Reviews and opinions on Battlefield are mixed, but it seems most players are leaning towards the negative side, with good reason. Dice, Developer of Battlefield had promised players an epic experience that went back to Battlefield IV’s core destruction system. What they delivered, couldn’t be further from the truth. Check out twenty-minutes of my mediocre-gameplay below.

Expectations Vs. Reality

Every Battlefield fanatic was expecting a fairly different experience from what we were given. Most notably, Dice promised an improved destruction engine, not just in the final game, but in the Beta. However, upon playing the Beta, this couldn’t have been further from the truth. I enjoyed the Battlefield Beta but felt that the maps (especially the Roterdam map) could have been so much better.

A whole city that we expected to level, was actually rounded down to a few buildings that you could go inside. Most of the structures where static and a waste of explosives! Houses taking unrealistic damage, having indestructible centres, walls and floors, really killed the whole destructive hype for me.

There’s no dynamic features in the maps like in previous Battlefield titles. For example: Whilst playing the Roterdam map, there’re several locations that should potentially be destroyable and change the shape of the Battlefield, but nope, nothing happens. The Whitehouse (that huge white building in the image abve), an objective in Rotterdm’s Conquest (Objective B), is this huge hotel. Man alive, what I’d give to see it collapse. Likewise there’s this huge bridge running through the centre of the map, it’d be great to blow it to pieces and force the snippers down to ground level. These are just a couple of examples in a sea of many.

Best Thing About Battlefield V?

Yeah, Grand Operations was fun. However, hands-down, the best thing about the Beta had to be the new addition of the fortification system. This mechanic now allows players to build make-shift basses around the objectives. Not only can you fortify your possition, you can also build medical and amunition stations to keep everyone at full-health and resuplied.

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Support classes get access to the best building options, even allowing the player to lay out barbed-wire! It’s a great way to fortify your possition in the game, but makes me wonder even more why they didn’t chase the destruction system. Not to mention, it would have gone hand-in-hand with their fortification system!

Battlefield V | Final Thoughts

Personally I’ve received the Beta as a mixture of dissapointment and the inability to see Battlefield’s direction. Let me just say, Battlefield V IS NOT a bad game, nor is it raising the bar for first-person shooters. Granted, we only had the Beta to see wether or not this game was for us, and I have to say, it won’t be in my library this year.


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Things like 3D marking have been taken out and the new squad revive system can be frustrating. “Just pick me up you mother f… ARGHHH!!!”. Overall, for Battlefield veterans, you’ll have something new to play this year, but I ask you, will you be fully sattisfied? Or feel a little ripped-off? Let me level the City of Rotterdam and I’ll pick you up Battlefield 5! You can get Battlefield 5 on November 20th for Xbox One, PC and PS4!


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