Football Manager 2018 – The Lonely Traveller – Season Review

My Mind To Your Mind

One of the features of my recent attempts to play FM is the sense that I need to rush to a conclusion.

Playing as Liverpool, this has been more pronounced, perhaps understandably so. With the new season now underway, I have in the past felt a need to ‘catch up’ on and overtake real life. Even when I played as Eastbourne or Hastings, where real life becomes irrelevant, I felt a compulsion to get to the end of the season, the driver no longer a sense of being behind the times but rather a need to know if I would meet my target. Or, to put it another way, whether I was a success or failure. Such would be my obsession in such saves that I would find excuses to play whilst the children were around, I would forsake future transfer dealings, lost in the obsessive compulsion to find out the final result.

Strangely then I feel no such compulsion in this save. Despite managing my favourite team, despite behind behind real life and despite being top of the league, I am comfortable with my rate of progression. This is the very definition of mindfulness. Rather than looking to the future or ruminating on the past, I am simply enjoying being in the moment. Each game is a joy to play through. Each tactical tweak that secures a win is a victory in and of itself.

Honestly, I don’t know how much more FM I’ll play beyond this season. The game simply takes up too much time for me to play anything else and I have commitments I want to meet for VG Almanac. But I’m okay with that. It took me a while but I’ve really enjoyed this save. I have conquered some tactical demons, dismissed some preconceptions and reminded myself that whilst plans are fine in theory, there is no substitute for getting amongst it and learning on the job.

Right. 7 games left. Next match up, City at home. Win and we go 5 points clear, lose and they go top. Our run ins are similar, although a trip to the Emirates will be tricky for us whilst Juventus await in the Champions League quarters.

Let’s have some fun.

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