Free Games On PlayStation 4 – September, 2018

As of September the 4th, 2018, you can download the critically acclaimed Destiny 2 and the original God Of War, HD Remaster.

Eyup everyone, Tat here, I’m going to be delivering PlayStation based news for you in the foreseeable future here on VG Almanac. But let’s not beat around the bush (let’s set it on fire), we all know why you’re here. You want to know the free games lined-up for PlayStation Plus this September!

August’s games were generous, they gave us some of the best quality entertainment this year! August brought us: Mafia III and Dead By Daylight. September, promises to deliver just as much fun as August!

Get Destiny 2, Free On PlayStation! This is great news for all PS Plus members everywhere!

Free, Destiny 2

Destiny 2 has been free this week, on PlayStation. It’s all in aid of Destiny 2’s latest expansion: Forsaken. With this juicy freebie from PlayStation, now, you only need purchase the Forsaken expansion when it’s launched on September 4th and your Destiny 2 experience is looking premium! The Gambit, Crucible, game mode was also available for September 1st, giving us a glimpse of Destiny’s fast-paced, PvEvP Mode.

Free, The Original God Of War HD

God Of War HD, comes as a bit of a mixed package. On one hand, you’ve got the people who are subscribed to PS Now. Complaining their free games usually consist of games they’ve already played through the PS Now service. On the other hand, there are the people who don’t have a subscription to PS Now. They’re just grateful for this fantastic classic freebie. Personally, I might treat myself to PS Now some months, but there’s so many great games to play, I’ve never got round to God Of WarI’m glad it’s free!

The God Of War HD remaster and Destiny 2 will be available for free download on September 4th. There’s never been a better time to renew you PS Plus!


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