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The Seven Deadly Sins for Hitman III has been a divisive selection of DLCs for the acclaimed stealth-action game, with some very mixed reactions from fans and critics alike. Since we’ve covered them in numerous mini reviews, we’ve compiled them together in a ‘worst to first’ list, albeit with a few revisions and tweaks.

So, without further ado, let’s start counting down!

7th Place – Greed

First the worst, as the saying goes. The cane is a cool addition – knocking out someone to earn an extra coin is pretty damn useful – but the rest of the loot isn’t very interesting. Same goes with ‘The Greed Enumeration’, it’s just a fairly dull trio of missions whereby collected coins can be spent on better equipment to help you, while hoarding them earns you… well, nothing except some bonus XP.¬† The whole thing just feels cheap.

6th Place РPride 

‘The Pride Profusion’ is a game of high road, low road – dare you take the safe route and slaughter enemies with a sniper rifle, cutlass and bomb, or challenge yourself with a tanto, poison needles and fiber wire? The latter adds additional restrictions to ramp up the difficulty, which makes for more fun challenges, and while the ongoing commentary can be quite entertaining at times, it really just feels like two escalations glued into one, with little else to help it stand apart. The bonus rifle and sword aren’t anything special, but the suit looks cool. Ultimately, though, it’s nothing to be proud of.

5th Place – Sloth

The Sins started to pick up in quality and introduced some more creative twists and loot. ‘The Sloth Depletion’ is decent, but borderlines on frustrating and obnoxious at times. Moving and performing actions of any kind slowly depletes your stamina, and once it hits zero, you’ll begin to lose health. It’s a challenging twist that will require a fair bit of trial-and-error, but some of the target restrictions only makes it all the more frustrating (barring the one bloke who stands near a window, practically begging you to push him out of). The area also contains numerous goodies to help you out, like a reskinned silenced Uzi and exclusive sleeping gas mine, thus adding to the high-risk, high-reward feel of the escalation on the whole. Actual effort has been put into this one, so it’s not as lazy as it makes it out to be.

4th Place – Greed

A middle-of-the-road one, and quite a fun one at that. Piggy is hungry for specific ingredients in ‘The Gluttony Gobble’, and you’ve got to kill masked guards with specific weapons to retrieve food from their body (e.g. a guard with a red pig mask will drop a meat bone when killed with a cleaver). Problem is, the bonus objectives don’t do anything else to mix up what is essentially a fetch quest, aside from simply asking for more ingredients, and the rewards for get for feeding him in the escalation are only somewhat-useful.

On the plus side, portions of the level feature redecorated setpieces, like tables and market stalls of food, which helps give the map of Chonquing a new look. The masked guards are often tagging along with other unmasked chaps, meaning there’s plenty of targets to pick from but weeding them out from the rest is an entertaining challenge nonetheless. Meanwhile, the sedative gum and concealable shotgun can be quite useful, too.

3rd Place – Envy

‘The Envy Contention’ is definitely one that the purists will enjoy. It’s you against a rival assassin, who’ll scramble your radar and have easy access to certain areas where your targets lie. You’ll have to beat him to the pinch, all the while completing specific kill requirements, if you so incline. Hotshots will be rewarded with bonus XP for completing the Silent Assassin and Suit Only challenges (there’s indeed one that combines the two as well), and getting these really ramps up the tension in this one. It’s nail-biting stuff, since you can’t harm your foe at all to influence the outcome.

The smart-casual suit is great, but the second reskinned sniper rifle and boring knife are crap. Still, the rest of it should be enough to give non-DLC owners a case of the green-eyed monster.

2nd Place – Lust

Time to play blind dates! ‘The Lust Assignation’ has you unlocking, or blowing open, safes containing scraps of love letters. Your job is to play detective and find out which of Lust’s party members is her secret admirer, all the while keeping hidden from the guards in the Berlin nightclub. You can exit once you get it right, but wasting the rest of the partygoers at Lust’s request bonus objective is great fun, with plenty of opportunities and bonus loot to use to your advantage to get the job done.

The reskinned explosive is pretty naff, since it’s not disguised or anything, but the crossbow’s stun darts can be very handy for those who don’t want to risk any bodies being found. Plus, that blood-red suit is no doubt one of the best added to the game. This one is definitely bound to make you fall in love with it.

1st Place – Wrath

Io Interactive got it right in the end, didn’t they? What an excellent way to round things off – a wave move escalation! Traps galore are available here as you fend off waves of incoming guards as they head for 47’s anaestheized body, while you fend off intruders with propane tanks, electrified puddles, faulty chandeliers, and more. Taking out the inhibitors in each round is the main goal, but they’re never alone, and will drop loot for acquiring more goodies. Of course, as you progress, you’ll have less tools from the get-go and more foes to deal with, so you’ll definitely have to choose wisely. Time is always of the essence here, and you’ll be kept on your toes at near-enough all times.

With a kickass new outfit, an assault rifle with a jumbo-sized clip, and a non-suspicious flash bomb to earn alongside, ‘The Wrath Termination’ makes me wish they’d make more escalations just like it. While it does brilliantly showcase the quirks of the game’s enemy AI – e.g. always getting distracted by running taps and radios left on, to the point where they’ll stop hunting entirely to focus on them momentarily – it’s definitely the top pick of the bunch.

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