How to Play Asphalt Nitro on Your Windows 10 Computer | Article

If car racing is what you live and breathe for, you cannot get a better game than Asphalt Nitro!  Asphalt Nitro is a fast-paced racing game developed by Gameloft and it was launched in 2015. Ever since the release, more than 100 million players have played Asphalt Nitro. Now that’s some number that must have got your eye balls struck! Well, that’s how popular the Asphalt series racing games are and the Nitro version is by far the best we’ve played.

There are plenty of things to know before you play the Asphalt Nitro on your computer or laptop. Let’s have a look at them.

Cars You’ll Love!

When you hear about racing, the first thing that comes to your mind must be fast and stunning cars! You’ll love it even more if you’re a fan of fast and furious movies! Of course, you’re not here to save someone or fight with any, unlike in the movie, but you’re here to prove your racing skills and win the competition.

PvP Battles!

If you wish to play the multiplayer mode, that’s up to you but let us give you an assurance that PvP battles are more interesting. That’s because you know the strengths and weakness of your single opponent. You can plan your strategy according to the moves made by your competitor. It gets intense when you both have player various times and you both know very well about each other. This is where the PvP battle gets its pride. Prove yourself in the PvP battles and get down in the multiplayer race.

Bring Law and Order!

Apart from racing, you can also force the racers to follow and abide with the laws and order. Get yourself a police car and let the racers know that they are making a mistake by not abiding the laws. This might not seem to be fun but when you’re not a part of the race and want to have some “Me Time,” this should perfectly set the tone!

Race Around the Globe!

What makes Asphalt Nitro the best from the rest is the picturesque locations around the world. From a desert to a forest and from snowy roads to sandy roads, you get to see various locations around the world while playing Asphalt Nitro. And there’s nothing better than exploring unknown racing tracks if you’re playing such games for the first time.

Drift More to Earn More!

Drifting more can always earn you more points making you eligible to access the licensed vehicles and further upgrades. That said, it’s often noticed that when players drift more, the scores have dramatically seen a boost irrespective of the racing track, mode, or the location. What’s even more interesting is, the cars that are not used by many racers prove to be the best when it comes to drifting.

Hidden Shortcuts!

There are many hidden shortcuts in the maps that you need to explore and this can actually get you a step closer to win the race first. Overall, the game has 8 different modes to choose from and the stunt modes allow you to showcase your driving skills to impress a few out there! Make sure you try playing every mode and see where the shortcuts are hidden.

How to Install Asphalt Nitro on Windows 10

To get this exciting game on your Windows 10 laptop or computer, just follow the below given steps. But before proceeding to this, make sure your system has at least 4 GB RAM so that the game doesn’t hang while playing.  So here’s how you can download Asphalt Nitro for PC.

#1. Download and install LDPlayer Android emulator from its official website.

#2. Now, launch the emulator and head over to Google Play Store.

#3. It will now ask you to sign in. Make sure you have your Google Account details ready.

#4. After the sign in process, head over to the search bar of Google Play and look for Asphalt Nitro.

#5. Once you find the official game, click on the Install Now button to get Asphalt Nitro on your PC right away!

Push your racing cars beyond their limits and show them who’s the boss!

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