Our Picks – Most Controversial Games

Controversial Games

Games have always pushed the boundaries of interactive entertainment.  Some games however have pushed just a bit more than others.  These are my picks for the most controversial games ever made and their impact on our culture.

Custers Revenge (Atari 2600, Mystique, 1982)

One of the very first and most controversial games ever, Custer’s Revenge deserves a fate worse than the hell the E.T. (Atari 2600, Atari, 1982) game went to after it was buried in the desert. As a game with almost nothing going for it except its controversy, it really feels like a grain of sand that you just can’t get out of your eye. It has no redeeming “gameplay”, other than moving from one side of the screen to the other, dodging arrows to get your “prize”, the 8-bit rape of a native American girl. I struggle to fathom who green-lit this and said… hey someone will probably buy it? Maybe? Just like the recent craptacular Hatred (Windows, Destructive Creations, 2015)(the angry white guy shooter on TV game) learned that you cannot sell garbage on controversy alone, Custers Revenge did so poorly I’m not sure if anyone still remembers it. Oh yeah. It’s because it’s such a terrible affront to gaming that it was partially responsible for the gaming crash of 1983. E.T. and a lack of integrity on the part of gaming companies are also to blame. At least it only sold 80,000 copies, but only because of the controversy and media coverage surrounding it. That’s only slightly less disturbing than selling 100,000. Eventually it was pulled off the shelves and relegated to top lists of the worst things ever made, hopefully soon forgotten.

Censored for your protection

Censored for your protection

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