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Rockit Gaming

I’ve been getting quite bored of my playlists on Spotify lately. So bored, that I’ve spent a good few months listening to the Discover Weekly playlist to see if something good will crop up. Generally, it’s a bit hit or miss and I’d be lucky to get one or two songs that I actually enjoy out of it. Fortunately, I managed to stumble across a song that I did like, in a genre I wasn’t entirely familiar with – Video Game Pop. This was a surprise in itself, but what was more of a surprise was just how many songs Rockit Gaming had released, and I couldn’t help myself but to request an interview with their CEO.

“Your music is incredibly well produced for an ‘indie’ company, how did you manage that?”

Thank you! We may be indie, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have a professional studio! The main producer/ CEO, Rockit, has been producing music for over 15 years and has had his work in many film/ video game ad campaigns. We pride ourselves on our outstanding quality, and speed when it comes to our creations! It’s important for us to sound great, and be efficient!

Rockit Gaming Game On Album Art

Cover art for the Game On album


“How would you define your music?”

Our music is a sub genre of ‘Nerdcore’. We call this type of music Video Game Pop, as it includes everything from Pop, Rock, Rap, EDM, etc. Because each song has a theme tied to a specific game, our style has to constantly change- while still staying pop to some degree.

“How is Video Game Pop different to video game inspired music?”

Video game pop is different in a few ways, most specifically is that it is serious. Video game inspired music tends to have a connotation that it is just for fun, like a parody song. We take our music very seriously at Rockit Gaming, and try to create a pop song that can be enjoyed not only by fans of the games, but also your average person. Creating lyrics for this can be tricky, but we try to blur the line of ambiguity so that a listener can interpret the lyrics how they choose.

“What is your favourite song that you’ve created?”

My favorite song that we have made (Rockit) is our one of our newer songs for the popular ‘Hello Neighbor’ game, “Alone With You.” We have raised the bar recently with song writing, and production and this song really showcases what we are made of!

“Have you had any contact from game developers? Either happy about your creation / cease and desists?”

We have just recently been getting reached out to by developers congratulating us on our work, which some are even posting on their websites! This is important as we grow, because this genre will be a massive marketing source for these companies as time goes on. Nobody has given a cease and desist yet, let’s cross our fingers!

“Are there any games that you’d like to make a song about?”

Because of the market we are in (YouTube) it is important that we pick relevant games that will be highly searched. It’s always a good idea to keep up with what the big YouTubers are playing, as they have a major impact on what becomes popular! We are currently having a blast writing music for Hello Neighbor, as it’s community is amazing, and really seem to be loving our content!

Rockit Gaming Hello Neighbor Album art

Album art for the Hello Neighbor album


“What does the future hold for Rockit Gaming?”

We are hosting a panel at PAX South in San Antonio, TX at the end of this month to share what Video Game Pop music is with the world. This is very exciting, as we will for the first time really show what we do to our community on a large scale. We plan to continue writing excellent content, and grow our music catalog – as well as expand our artist list! Hopefully taking over the music/ gaming industry in the next few years is on the list 🙂

“How do we find more?”

We release a new song EVERY single Friday, so if you ever feel like you’re running out of Rockit Gaming material- there’s always next week! Be sure to follow us on Spotify, and check us out on our Couch Parties LIVE every Wednesday at 8pm CST. We love interacting with our fans most of all, and with all of the technology around today- it makes it all possible!

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