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Different studies suggest that the reasonable practice of action video games, especially those that require making decisions quickly, can improve users’ visual acuity, increase their concentration, and even enhance their short-term memory. Now, cognitive scientists at the University of Rochester in New York want to point out that it also has a beneficial effect on our ability to learn. Even in later life, when learning abilities slowly, it can help sharpen the mind even further.

In a study published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, it is believed that our brains are constantly trying to anticipate what is going to happen to us next. Whether it is while listening to a conversation, driving, or even carrying out a delicate task, such as baking a cake, it is known that gaming can indeed change the way the brain operates, and this can have an incredibly positive effect.

How the brain changes and modifies!

These cognitive functions change because the human brain is not unalterable; that is, it has what is known as brain plasticity. This is defined as the ability to change its structural and functional organization according to the development, experience, and changes in the environment. Brain modifications can therefore be functional or structural. The former is more immediate, and the structural ones are appreciated over a longer period. We have seen that video games generate functional changes and structural changes, so let’s identify which areas they occur.

Better mental capacity and even reflexes!

According to the experts, those who played more before adolescence, even if they no longer played, responded better to working memory exercises, which require maintaining and manipulating information mentally to obtain a result. This means that the short-term memory is improving.

In contrast, those who did not play video games as children did not obtain improvements in processing and inhibiting irrelevant stimuli and were slower than those who had played as children. Not only that, but people who played as regularly as children did, performed better in 3D object processing.

If you want to keep up with Gaming News, you can see what games could be best for your mind. Cognitive skills can be improved with games that use logic and mathematics, but all genres have their benefits for your mental health. These above conclusions are based on a month of observation. Experts analyzed the participants’ cognitive abilities, including working memory, before starting the video game training, at the end of the movement, and fifteen days after. The strengthening of cognitive skills was also studied, for which a 3D platform-adventure video game was used. The researchers conclude that video games are a perfect recipe for strengthening our cognitive abilities, almost without realizing it. It is a natural occurrence that can offer so many benefits to the way in which we react. So get started today, no matter your age, to see some of the benefits, especially during the Covid-19 crisis. There is no need to feel stale – the options are endless. It’s time to delve into the exciting world of gaming!

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