Welcome everyone to a Tats top ten list! I am J.A TAT and these are my top ten Furry Favorites! Not to be confused with the recent online fetish that you may have heard of, to qualify for this list, my candidates had to be Furry and they had to be a favourite gaming character of mine. So that’s simple enough to understand right? Any gaming character with fur who I think is the best. This list comes down to personal opinion and its based on my experiences with furry characters in games. I would love to hear your list or just a couple of your favourites so drop them in the comments below. Anyway! Counting down from ten…

10. Dogmeat

I had to add this dude to my list! Dogmeat is the canine companion in Fallout that you encounter. Of course, I am referring to the Fallout 3 and Fallout 4 games. Dogmeat is the unsung hero of Fallout 4 for me, given a much larger, more permanent role. In the third title, it was possible for Dogmeat to die. However, in the fourth, I travelled the whole of the Boston Wastelands with the little guy. This is one seriously cool hound and gets a place at number ten for the simple reason he accompanied me through post-Apocalyptica, sharing his skills with me along the way! I taught him tricks, he found me some treasure, it was a great friendship.

9. Eevee

There was a time I wanted to be the very best like no-one ever was. Every time I ventured out on my Pokemon Journey, an Eevee was always on my most wanted list. Eevee is a normal type Pokemon, but it can evolve into many different forms based on elements. Jolteon the Thunder variant was my favourite but it all starts with Eevee. This little dudes cuteness also gives it a place on my list. I am happy to have Eevee on the list at number nine as one of my Furry Favorites! Bless the man on Pokemon Red who gives us a free Eevee. I find my greatest adventure with Eevee to be the adventure in Pokemon Colosseum, where we also have Espeon and Umbreon gave to us, Psychic and Dark-type varients of Eevee.

8. Diddy Kong

Ever had a swing down to Donkey Kong Country? If the answer is yes, you’re sure to know who Diddy Kong is. This little dude was my hero on Donkey Kong Country for SNES. Launching out of barrels, swinging on vines, beating up crocs, riding swordfish and hoarding bananas for the extra lives, Diddy Kong did it all! In fairness so did Donkey Kong, but he was nowhere near as cute or charming as Diddy in my humble opinion. Diddy swings his way into number eight with a cheeky grin and funky victory dance. I should also mention that Diddy was an average fighter in the game Super Smash Bros: Brawl. It is his efforts in D.K Country that made him shine as number eight for me.

7. Daxter

Half Otter, half Weasel, Daxter is an Ottsel from the Jak & Daxter franchise. This furry orange smartarse used to be a human but was transformed into his current form at the start of the first game. Considering Jak did not have a voice in Jak & Daxter: The Precursor Legacy, Daxter was the vocal one of the duo. I only played Jak one and two, in the second he was just as funny as the first. His wit and remarks get him his place at number seven as not only one of Tats Top Ten – Furry Favorites but as one of my best sidekicks ever. Strap yourself into a Zoomer and grab the Jak & Daxter collection on PS4 for four great games staring my furry faced Ottsel friend, Daxter!

6. Ratchet

The galaxies greatest ranger that ever existed, its Ratchet from Ratchet & Clank. Another Sony icon, Ratchet comes from the people who brought us Spyro the Dragon. Packing just as much charm, and some Insomniac cheese, Ratchet locks and loads as he ploughs through the galaxy on a mission to annihilate evil. Boasting a gorgeous cartoon style and somewhat silly gameplay, Ratchet fits his world perfectly. A strong childhood favourite, Ratchet brings a strong sense of nostalgia to most gamers, sitting him at my number six spot. I refer to his initial adventures with Ratchet one, two and three. The game was also remade in 2016 and made free on PS4 in March 2018.

5. Banjo

Grabbing jiggies and beating down the evil witch Gruntilda, it’s Banjo from Banjo & Kazooie. This lovable bear is not only a favourite of mine but also of keen Nintendo Gamer, VG Almanacs very own, Nathan. Banjo is one of the earlier 3D Platforming stars, first starting his adventures on Nintendo 64, but you can now find him on the Xbox One. The first Banjo adventure I played was on Xbox 360 with Nuts & Bolts and I then backtracked through the first and second game with the release of the Rareware collection on Xbox One. Banjo has a real sense of charm and his character design should be considered hall of fame worthy for all gaming characters. Everything from his hillbilly style laughs to his iconic backpack, Banjo wins his place at number 5 with ease. Check out the Rareware collection on Xbox One to play all the Banjo titles for one great price!

4. Fox McCloud

Fox McCloud is the main protagonist from the Starfox series. Again, he is also a favourite character of our Nathan and with good reason. He was voiced by AJ Marples, who was the best character voice I had heard at the time of release. Star Fox Adventures is the sole title that has won Fox his place on my list. Speeding around the Dinosaur planet in his Starwing, Fox was on a mission to save the planet from General Scales and an unseen enemy, proving himself a true hero. Although I’m not an avid fan of the on-the-rails Starfox Shooter from the SNES days, I did enjoy Adventures on the Gamecube. The way Fox looks and acts made the character relatable and inspired me as a child, I used to love pretending to have a Star Fox personality when playing games outside with other kids. Something about McCloud was just cool as ice and I adored it!

3. Xiao

Xiao for me was the little cat that could. She hails from the Dark Cloud universe and, slingshot in hand, she is the perfect adorable companion to aid the games hero. This girl was a cat that was transformed with a transformation potion into a humanoid. Loyal to her master and dedicated to helping him save the world, Xiao not only set the scene for the character change gameplay mechanic, but also gave us a ranged weapon style and a way to access new areas in dungeons. With her slingshot, Xiao is ready to purr her way into my number three spot. The few scenes that she appears in are entertaining and comical. This cute kitty-cat instantly wriggles her way into your heart and will surely stay with you for a lifetime. I often think in any other game Xiao would not have shined as well as she did for me in Dark Cloud, the right place, the right time gives our feline friend a firm spot at number three!

2. Crash Bandicoot

We all know him, we all love him, it’s CRASH BANDICOOT! Our furry Bandicoot has been around on our screens since 1996 and its fair to say that he is a solid household name. I love Crash, everyone loves Crash! This guy is also a personal choice of my girlfriend, Alexandra. She says it reminds her of being a kid, and I think for a lot of people this nostalgia factor is what keeps him held high in our hearts. Crash is also chosen as one of Edd’s Furry Favourites. The wumpa eating whackjob got himself a HD remake of his original trilogy on PS4 last year. He looks just as good as ever and sounds just as kooky. Everything about Crash brings back hardcore feelings of when my gaming career first began, one of the first games I ever played was Crash 3 and I loved it to bits. Crash spins himself into number two with ease, with a double-jump, belly-flop and a woah!

1. Conker

The one you have all been waiting for… Conker the Squirrel gets the golden prize here! He’s crude, rude and a little obnoxious. Conker comes from the glory days of N64 and is another Rareware gem from the heart of Britain. When he’s not drunken or urinating on everything, he’s chasing wads of cash through various scenes inspired by smash hit films. In one instance we see Conker fighting his way through a zombified village dressed as Van Helsing, in another he’s on the beaches of Normandy fighting evil Nazi teddy bears. Conker has charm and he has class, even if it is hidden deep, deep down. With a baseball bat in hand, Conker reigns king of my list at number 1 and I wouldn’t have it any other way! Pass us the Crown Guvna, it has been a Bad Fur Day!

Other Mentions:

I asked my friends and the team who they thought would be a good addition to the list. Scott mentioned Titus the Fox and Cool Coyote from the Amiga console. I can’t really comment on these games because they were before my time, but I thought I would mention them. Edd said that he would recommend Mog from Final Fantasy IX or Spy Fox. My friends Rob and Shain would place Taz the Tazmanian Tiger near the top of the list, while another friend, Bethan, said she was partial to Daxtar and Sly Raccoon.

So my question to you guys at home is who are your furry favourites? Maybe we covered them in this list or maybe we missed them? Get in touch and let VG Almanac know today! Thanks for tuning in guys, I have been super busy with my upcoming baby on the way! I wish you all the best! Happy Gaming!!!



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Thought about it some more – think I’d put Angelo from FF VIII in my top ten! Maybe D-Dog from MGS5 as well.