The Forest – PS4 Release Date

The Forest is a first-person survival-horror game on Steam and one of the most anticipated releases for November on PlayStation 4. The release date falls almost four years later after it was first announced for PlayStation 4. The Forest left early access on Steam in April and has been confirmed to go ahead with the PlayStation 4 release on the 6th November! Developer Endnight Games Ltd have not said anything about an Xbox One release yet.

The Forest

The Forest puts players in the shoes of a father trying to find his missing son. After they both survive a plane crash. Father, Eric Leblanc, last saw his son, Timmy Leblanc, getting taken away by a cannibal tribesman. This survival game has some-what of a story to it, but it’s the gameplay that shines the most.

Players can build, craft weapons and go up against the inhabitants of the island. With a gameplay that looks and feels unique. Inhabiting the island where you’ve crashed are a flesh hungry tribe of mutant cannibals. These cannibals truly shine, not only is the games building and farming in-depth but the AI is incredibly intelligent. The mutant tribespeople will be somewhat intimidated by the player, making you question if you’re their enemy rather than them been yours.

They will try to contact the player and speak with them through their own means. Possibly one of the coolest things about them!? They hate fire, they’ll try sneak around the players buildings removing torches. When one of them is wounded, the other will try defend them and drag them off to safety. They attack in groups, and often won’t leave their territory. Commonly, the tribe will flee in terror when they are beaten. They’ll be doing loads of other cool stuff to boot! This is just the tip of the spear!

Words From The Developer is the best source of PlayStation news and interviews with the developers. , a Game Developer for Endnight Games Ltd had this to say: 

“…Hey everyone! Today we are happy to announce our official release date for The Forest: November 6…”

“… Our game encourages creativity. The game doesn’t tell you what to do, so everyone will experience their own version of the story…. it’s been surprising for us how different individual playthroughs can be. Some players will focus on combat and exploration, whilst others will focus on building the most insane base possible. …”

Anna talks about Combat and Survival

“As you’re not alone in The Forest, you’ll need to craft basic weapons to try and survive. Passive players can use stealth to evade most enemies by hiding in bushes, or even play the game in peaceful mode if you just want to focus on building and survival

The game’s enemies initially appear relatively human-like, but over time more distorted and disturbing creatures will begin to appear from within the depths of the cave system hidden beneath the surface.


The Forest has Chainsaws!? I'm sold! (Gamelite)


Our building system also allows dead enemies to be used in construction. Mount a head on a wall as a trophy, build a fence of out bones, or get creative and build a sculpture out of cut off limbs and then set it all on fire”

Terekhova finishes with a small bit about multiplayer

“… We originally focused on the game as a single-player-only experience, but fans of the game encouraged us to implement a multiplayer mode. We now feel multiplayer is the best way to experience The Forest, playing with up to three other friends for the ultimate survival horror experience …”

The Forest is high on my wish list. Don’t forget that 6th November due date! PC gamers can play The Forest now on Steam and there’s plenty of gameplay on YouTube. There’s no price information available yet, but it’s thought to cost around $15.00 like the game’s alpha on steam. Yet another great game in the line-up for 2018, what a year for gaming!



  1. Gaz

    Really looking forward to this coming out on ps4

  2. J.A. TAT (Post author)

    You’re not the only one. It’ll be interesting to see how it pans out 😀

  3. Melissa starfall

    Is their any way to do creative mode on ps4? Let me know asap

    1. J.A. TAT (Post author)

      It would be safe to assume the PlayStation 4 version will see a creative mode either as an add on or maybe even on release!

  4. Ashante Tolbert

    So… Gamestop doesnt have copies online and its not on amazon….

    1. J.A. TAT (Post author)

      At the time this article was published. No, they didn’t 🙂

  5. Wayne Garrett

    How can we play in creative mode in ps4 the forest?? Will u add creative mode soon?

  6. Giovanni

    To unlock creative mode for the PS4, you do need to beat the game on any difficulty!


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