Top Games to Keep Yourself Occupied During Lockdown

Right now, many of us are bored. We’re living through extremely unprecedented times. Just at the start of this year, very few of us could have known that the world was about to face an ongoing pandemic. The spread of coronavirus has resulted in a huge number of deaths around the world, as well as a huge number of illnesses. Governments of most countries have taken action to slow the spread of the virus and are encouraging all non key workers to stay home. This means people aren’t going to work. Kids aren’t at school. You can’t really leave the house other than to get essentials like food and medication. Of course, there are worse things going on in the world than boredom. But if you are cooped up in your own home, it’s important that you keep your chin up and keep yourself as occupied as possible. This will help your mental health and will make the process more bearable. Now, there are many things you can do with the free time you may have found on your hands. Some people are working out. Some have taken up baking. Some are learning languages. But if you’re into gaming, this could be a good option too!

The Benefits of Gaming Right Now

Of course, the main benefit of gaming for the moment is that it’s something you can do in your own home without having to interact with others on a physical level. Plus, it can keep you occupied for hours on end – alleviating boredom and giving you something to focus on and achieve. What’s more? Many games have virtual socially interactive elements. This helps you to keep in touch with others rather than feeling completely isolated, without the risk of face to face contact.

Top Games

There are so many games out there that you can choose from. Let’s take a look at some firm favourites that many people are enjoying getting involved with!

Animal Crossing

Okay, Animal Crossing might not be the most complex of games. But it’s one that many are finding comfort in right now. Animal crossing is a social simulation game developed by Nintendo. The game uses the game console’s internal clock to simulate the passage of real time. Your character is part of a community. You can build your own home. Grow and sell your own vegetables. Catch bugs. Hunt for fossils. The key to this game? It’s relaxing, which is great for people during this period of tension and high stress.

Online Games

If you don’t have a console but want to game, there are many options for you. Just take a look at some of the online games out there! There are plenty of police games, for example, that can keep you occupied for hours.

The Classics

If you’re already deeply into a game – Fortnite, Minecraft, Call of Duty, FIFA – the list goes on – stick with it. Now’s a great time to master it!

As you can see, games can give you a little relief during these strange times. So, embrace them and enjoy them!

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