Utomik – December Updates

Christmas has come and gone, and if you were lucky enough to get an Utomik subscription, there are a whole bunch of good games for you to try out. Here’s a round up of December’s top titles!

The Final Station

The Final Station is a game that I received for Christmas last year, and Utomik have given it to me again this year! You play as a train conductor trying to get from point A to point B on his train. It doesn’t seem so hard, but the world is in the midst of an apocalypse that is turning people into blobs. As you explore, you’ll find food, ammo, medicine and other survivors who you are able to rescue and take to their destinations on your train. It’s an extremely fun game that forces you into some tough decisions at points, especially when it comes to trying to decide who to feed and who to let starve to death.

If you’ve used the trains in the United Kingdom, then you’ll be pretty used to the events that happen in the game. Even though it’s completely fictional, they’ve taken notes from Great Western Railway’s train management handbook to give it some base in reality.

The Final Station

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