Utomik – December Updates


Games about hacking can be very hit and miss. You have to strip out the less interesting parts to prevent boredom, but you have to retain some of the more technical parts to stay reasonably accurate. You also need a compelling story, to keep players’ interest, because in all honesty, typing code into a command line interface is hardly interesting. If you manage to do all these things well, you’ll get a decent game. And that is exactly what Mainlining is. You play as an MI7 cop, diving into the rabbit hole of the darknet and discovering just how much power someone who has unfettered access to everyone’s personal data can have.

It’s a very intriguing and absorbing game that had me hooked from the moment I started it. Delving deep into everyone’s history, hacking websites to access all the hidden files is a very fun experience – even if it does showcase how dangerous it would be to give someone that level of access.

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