Utomik – February Updates!

With a cold snap – the Beast from the East – hitting the United Kingdom, there’s been no better time to sit and play some games. Curling up inside with your controller – or keyboard and mouse – and hitting the ever-increasing backlog of games that Utomik are throwing out there seems like the perfect remedy to the February blues.


If I need to say more than “dodgeball game” to sell Stikbold to you, then there’s something wrong with you. Stikbold is a terrific game, with some very strong mechanics and co-op gameplay. It may ‘just’ be a dodgeball game, but there’s a full story to it – and it’s not an easy one by any measure – complete with absurd and brilliant humour and some wacky characters. Even though I may be accused of being slightly blinded by my child-like love of dodgeball, I still think Stikbold is one of the most fun sports games out there. It’s challenging, quirky, fast paced and incredibly fun.

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