Utomik – February Updates!

Also available

  • Hue – a vibrant, award-winning puzzle-adventure, where you alter the world by changing its background colour.
  • Manual Samuel – a game where you control every function of a human being for 24 hours – including breathing and blinking.
  • Lego Batman 2 – save Gotham City with Batman and a whole cast of other super heroes.
  • unWorded – delve into an author’s mind by piecing together letters to reveal his experiences.
  • Splinter Zone – an endless platformer that features somewhat randomly generated levels.
  • Campfire Legends – The Last Act – the final act to the point and click adventure / hidden object game.
  • Aragami – embark on a dark journey where you can control the shadows to uncover the secrets of Aragami.
  • Defence Grid Gold – a special compilation of the highly acclaimed tower defense game, Defense Grid: The Awakening, and extra packs Borderlands and Resurgence.
  • Marble Duel – a casual match three puzzle game.
  • Avencast: Rise of the Mage – an action-RPG that features a unique and enjoyable combat system.
  • Let’s Sing – the karaoke game, featuring songs from a lot of well-known artists.
  • 1001 Nights – The Adventures of Sindbad – cross the seas and enjoy a thrilling journey featuring the well-known explorer.

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