Utomik – January Updates

It’s been a long January, but chasing away the Wintery blues has been an easy job this year thanks to Utomik, providing me with a handful of excellent games to play. New experiences and old, Utomik managed to release a whopping 27 games onto their platform this month, and there are a lot of excellent games in there.

Saints Row IV

You know what you’re going to get with a Saints Row game. And if you don’t then I don’t think I can adequately prepare you for it in less than a hundred words. It’s a bizarre series, but each one gets more and more enjoyable. You’re tasked with freeing the world from an evil alien overlord, named Zinyak, and you’re able to pretty much do as you please in order to achieve that goal.

You’re given dozens of absurd weapons – as well as some more normal ones – and with the ability to customise almost everything in the game, you’re bound to have a whole lot of fun killing aliens.

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