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I recently did a little article on Utomik, and since then, I’ve been playing on the platform quite a bit. It’s been quite useful finding a game I want to play, partially download it for 5 or 10 minutes, then jump right in. I’ve played a handful of games, but every time I log in, my eyes are caught by the “New” list. Every week or two, new games are added to this list. Some are retro delights, some are triple A games and some are indie treats. All of which are just as enticing as the last, and so I’ve decided that a monthly round up of the top games new to the platform would be a good idea.

First up – my favourite of the month, purely for nostalgia reasons…

Worms 2

Worms 2 is one of the best Worms games out there. I probably put more hours as a kid into Armageddon and World Party, but Worms 2 is still excellent. You’re given an enormous arsenal of fun but deadly weapons and pitted against a team of worms – either AI or local multiplayer. Using your impressive armaments, you need to destroy your opponents – a familiar theme – but executed to absolute perfection in the Worms series. I couldn’t name a game that does it better than what Team17 gave us two decades ago.

There are a bunch of things that make this game great, the fantastic weapons, the cutesy graphics, the hilarious voice acting. All of that is great, but the topper is just how simple it is to pick up and play. Anybody could open the game, get to grips with the simple controls and start murdering worms.

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Utomik is an amazing way to experience hundreds of titles without paying premium prices. I don’t know how they do it, but they already have AAA titles, a ton of classics and some games that have just launched in Beta.
Don’t forget the indie titles. I could list a bunch of them here but their library speaks for itself. Check it out!
Utomik isn’t kidding when they say they are going to “Unleash Gaming”.