Utomik – November Updates

November was a good month for gaming – and not just because the new Football Manager came out. Utomik have once again updated their catalogue with a bunch of games, new and old. Priming us for the holiday season, Utomik have put some absolutely marvellous games on their platform, ready to play. Here’s a quick list of the highlights!


While Utomik saved the best of their games for last, I shall do no such thing in this list – Teslagrad is a game I’ve wanted to play for the longest time, and fortunately for me, it plopped onto Utomik’s platform right at the end of November.

Teslagrad is a gorgeous metroidvania style game – a genre I’m not exactly the best at playing. Despite that, I couldn’t put it down. Exploring the vast castle with my electromagnetic capabilities was wonderful. It seemed like every chamber I stepped foot in had some secret, hidden away, just waiting for me to accidentally stumble upon it. With the main focus being away from combat, it meant the developers really had to work hard on making sure the puzzles were engaging and interesting, and they did a great job.

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