Utomik – November Updates

Lucius Demake

The original Lucius game was released on Utomik last month, and so I knew what I was getting myself in for when the demake rolled around in this month’s games. Although the original was decent fun – the demake has a special place in my heart now. I love pixellated graphics, and Shiver Games got it spot on with this version of the game. It looks and feels like a game from the late 80s, but plays like a modern game. The game is almost entirely identical, save for the graphics, which is a remarkable effort. It’s almost as if they plopped the game in a time machine and yanked it out as soon as they could hear New Kids On The Block.

Despite the pixellated nature, the game still provides you with plenty of blood, guts and gore. Killing people in demented ways has never been quite so much fun!

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