Utomik – November Updates


Psych is a television show that I binge-watched a few years ago. It follows a man with an eidetic memory named Shawn, and his best friend Gus. The childhood friends, with the assistance of Shawn’s memory, manage to con their way into being police consultants, posing as a psychic and a sidekick. It’s brilliantly funny, and the format – police detective work – lends itself perfectly to a point and click adventure, which is exactly what we get with the tie in game.

It is one of those hidden object style games that, while popular, certainly wouldn’t be in my top ten video game genres. However, with Psych, it matches up extremely well, with some hilarious sequences and genuinely believable scenes that wouldn’t be out of place in the show itself. It’s one of those games, similar to Futurama on the PS2/Xbox, that doubles as an extra episode of a great TV show, which often isn’t the case with tie in games.

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