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Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time

I always feel a bit weird calling games that were released after the turn of the century as retro games – but given this game is now fourteen years old, it definitely qualifies as a retro game. Unlike most retro games of the era though, this one plays really well. It’s not clunky, and unlike some more modern games (*cough Assassins Creed cough*), the parkour element is so well executed that it just doesn’t get old. Scuttling around the walls of the palace is a fantastic experience, especially when you stumble across some of the hidden secrets.

it’s incredible to think that Ubisoft were once capable of making a parkour game as slick and polished as this. That isn’t to say the Assassins Creed games are terrible, but I’ve had a lot less stress with trying to run along walls in this classic than I have in more modern games.

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