Utomik – October Updates

Also released…

RIP & RIP 2: Strike Back – Parts one and two of the RIP trilogy offer an unforgettable arcade shooter experience, really harking back to the good ol’ days of the genre.

The Other Side – Tower of Souls – a hidden object game that features the supernatural. As you play, you’ll have to try to work out who the evil one is in a set of twins.

Odyssey – another child-friendly game, though perhaps more for the teenagers rather than young children as this game primarily focuses on solving puzzles that are follow the various breakthroughs in science and astronomy.

Bear With Me – The two episodes of this delightful noir point and click adventure feature a young girl and her detective companion Ted E. Bear in a mission to try and find her lost brother.

Delicious Emilys Miracle of Life – A casual indie title in the ever expanding Delicious series. With sixty time management levels, and an adorable story, there’s plenty this game offers.

Haegemonia – A bit buggy, but a fairly decent real time strategy game set in the year 2104. You have to try to band together with a wantaway planet in order to combat and conquer a lurking alien presence.

Across the Moment – A fairly cool atmospheric puzzle game featuring some tricky but enjoyable conundrums in a well thought out world

Adam Wolfe – Another hidden object game, this one features Adam, an investigator of the paranormal, in an attempt to use his investigative skills to track down his sister after her mysterious disappearance.

Monstrum – a terrifying procedurally generated survival horror game that features permadeath, set on a spooky cargo ship.

Lucius – another horror game for Hallowe’en, this one features Lucius, the son of the devil, trying to murder everyone in the house in a series of ‘accidents’.

Dead Age – A Hallowe’en game that I was actually able to play through – not strictly pure horror, but a turn based rogue-lite, survival RPG where you must try to survive for as long as possible.

Dementium II – definitely a unique horror game. Lots of different weapons, in a game that blends action and puzzle elements so well.

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