Worst Video Game Songs #1: ‘Mansion Basement’ – Resident Evil: Director’s Cut | Feature

Resident Evil

What are some of the worst songs from the world of video games, be they from obscure games or famous ones, old or new, good or bad? Well, we at VG Almanac are off to find as many of the crappiest tunes out there for all to scowl and laugh at!

Track: Mansion Basement
Game: Resident Evil: Director’s Cut – DualShock Version
Composer/Performer: Mamoru Samuragochi (ghost-written by Takashi Niigaki)

So, the second re-release of Resident Evil came with a few cool features, like analogue controller support, an additional game mode, and other cool tidbits as well. One of the most jarring changes was a brand new soundtrack by Mamoru Samuragochi – his music was not only ghost-written, but so bad that he pretended to be deaf for years!

Honestly, being deaf would’ve been a merciful fate, since you wouldn’t have to listen to this utterly atrocious track. It sounds like four drunken people from Charlie Brown blowing into bugles with no semblance of rhythm or direction, and are simultaneously trying to play trumpets with their arses at the same time.

The end result is more confusing and gut-bustingly hilarious than horrifying – wouldn’t be surprised if it confused the zombies as well!


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