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Resident Evil Resistance Open Beta (PC) | Review – Not-Outbreak is Surprisingly Good

You may have caught wind of the hype surrounding RE3Make or you may not. Regardless, Capcom has cooked it up and a year and the feelings couldn’t be more mixed. Will it be good? Will it be too short? Is…
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Broken Lines (PC) | Review – Because Lines Rarely Hold Together When Created With Unity

It’s fair to say real-time strategy is one of the genres with the highest potential for emerging gameplay and story-telling. Almost unbeatable, in fact. These faceless mooks you created yourself (maybe) become accomplished fighters. They’re not just Generic Dude 38:…
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Windstorm-Ostwind: Ari’s Arrival: Abject Aberration

  Oh boy. I feel like I’m trundling around Jim Sterling’s old stomping grounds lately. NallyNally, the public service announcement of Steam! On the one hand, it’s not like this game would get any attention to begin with, and on…
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