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I am 21 years old, A student in IT and an active gamer. I like to play a lot of different games, and not linger on a single game for too long. Unless I really enjoy it of course. I have been giving comments on reviews on other sites in the past, and always got quite a lot of up-votes on them. So when one of my gaming friends asked me to write my own reviews on this site, I could not refuse. Unlike most people I really love single player games, so you can expect quite a few single player game reviews for me, although I will also write about multiplayer games. I rate games from 1 - 10 at the end of each review. I judge the games on the game itself and how the game should be. My rating on the game is not affected by comparing it to other games, with the exceprion of previous releases of the same series (For example Sniper Elite III will be Compared to Sniper Elite V2)I hope you will enjoy my reviews and I welcome all comments, likes and dislikes on my reviews.CheersThe Stealthy Doctor