123 – Mini Review

What is it?

Are puzzles your thing? Think you’re a mathematics whiz? Simon Wallace’s 123 is probably the game for you then. Even if you just like a challenge but aren’t particularly good with numbers, the game does offer difficulty settings for you too. There are two game modes which will offer you plenty of brain tickling puzzles. The first is a combination of sudoku and the ever popular 2048 game which sees you having to add, subtract, multiply or divide numbers and leave only 1, 2, and 3 left on the screen. The second is a little more familiar to those of you who have spent hours over maths textbooks – there are three equations on the screen which you must put numbers in, and the end result must end up as 123. Doesn’t sound too tricky? It really is.



Good tutorials.
Really gives the ol’ brain a workout.
Two modes offer variety in gameplay.
Clean interface.
iOS only – would love to see this on Android in the future.


This is a brilliant game for those who want to give their brain some exercise. It’ll challenge even the most adept mathematicians with it’s taxing puzzles, but completing them makes you really feel like you’ve accomplished something. With very clean and clear design, as well as the various enjoyable game modes and difficulties, it’s a real joy to sit and play. I hadn’t used my iPhone in over a year, but lately I’ve been using it more than my regular phone, just to play 123! Definitely one to download.


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