60 Seconds – Mini Review!

What is it?

60 Seconds is a survival simulation game that takes place in the immediate aftermath of a nuclear apocalypse. There are three game modes to it – a scavenging mode where you need to grab as many people and items from your household as you can and shove them into the fallout shelter, a survival mode which will see you performing tasks to maintain your survivors health and to send them out into the wasteland, and the final mode which combines the two into the full game.



New scavenge map each time you play.
Lots of different random events during survival mode.
Easy to pick up and play.
Staring into the same room gets a little dull.
Messages get repetitive on subsequent playthroughs.


60 Seconds is a decent game, and although it definitely offers a wide variety of random events in the game, it does suffer with a lack of diverse messages. Once you’ve played through the survival or ‘apocalypse’ mode for an hour or so, you’ll likely have seen everything the game has to throw at you, which makes it a little disappointing. Overall, the game definitely has its moments, but it definitely needs to pad out the survival bit a lot more, especially as that is the longest part of the game. Unless the game is a couple of quid, I’d probably avoid it if I were you.


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