A Case of Distrust | Mini Review

What is it?

A Case of Distrust is an indie visual novel game set in the 1920s, in San Francisco. You’re private detective P. C. Malone, tasked with helping Connor Green find out who is out to kill him – and then into a whole new mystery off the back of it.



Lovely stylised drawings.
Lots of story.
Plenty of well thought out characters.
No sound options.
No way to speed up the text.
Didn’t grab me.


A Case of Distrust is by no means a bad game, but it isn’t great either. I found it irritating that I couldn’t turn the sound off, and more irritating that I couldn’t auto-click through the text, but it was still relatively interesting and because it’s quite short, it’s a game you can easily play through in one sitting. Probably worth it if you’re into visual novels, otherwise skip.


3 Stars