Animation Throwdown – Mini Review!

What is it?

Animation Throwdown is a card game developed by Kongregate, that features characters from five of FOX’s best animated television shows – King of the Hill, American Dad, Bob’s Burgers, Family Guy and Futurama.


Android & iOS

All five great TV shows well represented in the game.
Lots of different combinations.
Decent mechanics.
Long periods of waiting.
Very RNG heavy.
Almost begs you to pay for something in the game.
Difficulty curve is incredibly steep.


Animation Throwdown is everything that is wrong with the way mobile gaming has gone lately. They’ve got a terrific game, plenty of fun, but with ridiculous difficulty spikes and regeneration periods that mean you pretty much have to play it once a day, or spend tonnes of money on it. There are plenty of indie devs that have mobile gaming nailed, but every time a more established company churns a game out, it’s as dreadful as this one. Definitely do not buy anything, even if you do download it to play.


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