Armor Clash 3 | Mini Review

What is it?

Armor Clash 3 is a modern military real-time strategy game developed by Windforce. As in other RTS titles, the objective is to build a base, consisting of land, air and sea units, and destroy all of your enemy’s forces.



Great potential.
Cool C&C-style soundtrack
The C&C Generals style still holds up
Great sound design
Some neat diversity between factions
Feels a bit halfbaked
Dodgy volume sliders
Invisible fog of war
Enemies sometimes feel a bit spongey
Doesn’t quite come into its own… yet.


Armor Clash 3 is an interesting one. More or less what it tries to do is recapture the spirit of the 3D era of Command & Conquer, taking its most obvious inspiration like Command & Conquer Generals and Command & Conquer 3. This, I will admit, does make it feel at the moment like a cut-price version of those games, with dodgy graphics, dodgy AI pathfinding, dodgy camera controls and dodgily spongey enemies – but I honestly feel that with a little spit and polish this game is perfectly capable of overcoming all that. The “Legion” faction is one example of where I feel there’s potential, playing differently from the other two factions in that rather than building units, they create them immediately three at a time and have to wait for their Mercenary Camps and machine shops to cooldown. There’s also Mercenary Camps scattered about the map which any player can capture by defeating the neutral units surrounding it, which is a touch I quite like. While ultimately at this stage you’re probably better off playing Generals or C&C3, I do suggest you watch this space – with touchups in the right places, I could really see this game coming into its own.

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