Aviary Attorney – Mini Review!

What is it?

Aviary Attorney is a quirky visual adventure novel game that follows the same concept as the Phoenix Wright games on the DS. You play as the witty JayJay Falcon and his slightly dim associate Sparrowson as they traverse 19th century Paris gathering evidence to help defend their clients.



Gorgeous art style.
Fantastic writing.
Very funny.
Interesting and challenging clients.
Great story.
Brilliant characters.
Multiple endings.
Currently, one of the three endings is unfinished.
Too short.


Of the games that I’ve played in December, Aviary Attorney is probably my favourite. The characters in the game are diverse and interesting, and the interactions you have with them can be very funny. The hand drawn aesthetic is also phenomenally well done and it’s complemented with a magnificent soundtrack, so even though it is unfortunately short, it is still thoroughly enjoyable. I’d definitely recommend it to anyone who fancies playing a game stuffed with brilliant humour, great gameplay and stunning visuals.


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