Balloon Fight (NES) | Mini Review

What is it?

Balloon Fight is a sidescroller developed and published by Nintendo in 1984. The goal is to get rid of each enemy on stage by popping their balloons and knocking then off the stage, all the while protecting your own.


NES, Wii, Wii U, Switch

Floaty controls tightens the challenge without being a hindrance.
Can even defeat enemies via stage hazards.
Balloon pipe mini-game and endless mode are cool.
Catchy jingles.
Awful screeching “music” during levels when no one has been popped yet.


A must-try title from the NES era. The controls can be a tad tricky to master, though it makes it all the more exciting to play. Pair it up with the occasional intermission mini-game and the Balloon Trip mode – a gauntlet through hundreds of obstacles – and what you get is a real banger from days of old.

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