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What is it?

In Banished, you’re given the task of taking a small group of outcasts and building a settlement that will best fit their needs to survive. It’s fairly unforgiving at times and with one small misclick you could see your town go from hundreds to nothing in a very short space of time. In order to prevent it, you’ll have to weigh up pros and cons of everything, including what produces the most food, and whether you can spend the last twenty stone in your stock pile on building a schoolhouse.



Over a billion different maps.
Choose various methods of bringing in food and resources.
Made for micromanagers.
Mod support.
Mods can cause instability.
Learning curve is pretty steep.


This is probably my favourite city-building game. It’s got a very steep learning curve, but once you’ve overcome it, you’ll be trying to come up with new ways of getting the most out of your town to make it as sustainable as possible. It also gives the impression that your actions can have dire consequences for your citizens if you make the wrong choice. Wiping out a thousand people because of one tiny error is as heartbreaking as it is infuriating, but it just makes me want to improve. Definitely something everyone should have in their Steam libraries.


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