Battlesloths | Mini Review

What is it?

Battlesloths is a top-downm multiplayer-focused shooter that’s all about nabbing tasty slices of cheesy goodness, in between killing other contestents with nunchucks and laser cannons.



Switch & PC

A fairly large amount of weapons to use (pistols, bows, shotguns, plasma rifles, etc).
Scavenging and swapping between guns on the fly can be frantic and thoroughly enjoyable.
Each of the maps come with various traps and gimmicks.
Local multiplayer supported.
Party Mode is chock-filled with replayability, thanks to its many customizable features.
One-star bots are practically braindead, while three-star bots have godly reflexes.
So many hats to unlock, none of them are particularly important.
The soundtrack is fittingly upbeat but wholly generic.
Solo mode feels like a long tutorial and can be beaten in an hour.
Fully-automatic weapons feel pretty samey.


Battlesloths is a bit like eating greasy pizza: it’s only somewhat satisfying when you tuck into it alone, yet it’s easier to appreciate when you’re with company. Pair yourself up with a few mates, and you’ll come to appreciate the frantic shooting and extensive customization on offer. Alas, skipping out on this one is far from a deadly sin.


3 Stars


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