Beyond a Steel Sky | Mini Review

What is it?

Beyond a Steel Sky is the long-awaited sequel to Revolution Software’s 1994 point and click adventure, Beneath a Steel Sky. In it, you reprise the role of Foster and have to revisit Union City, in search of an abducted child.



Looks nice.
Great to revisit the setting and characters.
Solid voice acting.
Good story.
Can’t explore Union City very much.
Hacking minigame is overused and not overly interesting.


I loved Beneath a Steel Sky, and Beyond a Steel Sky is a pretty decent sequel. I was a little disappointed they moved away from the tried and tested 2D style point and click adventure games that have been such a source of success for Revolution Software, but it is still a solid adventure game and looks very nice to boot. Just wish you could explore Union City a bit more!


4 Stars