Black Sails – Mini Review!

What is it?

Black Sails is a 3D point and click adventure that sees you play as two survivors of a shipwreck, who fortunately manage to find another ship to survive on. It’s a horror game that utilises jump scares and eerie surroundings to hammer the point home and is definitely an interesting take on the genre.



Moving around is mostly easy.
Decent environments.
Plenty of items to interact with.
Very difficult to click on what you actually need to click on.
Horrific character models/graphics.
Dialogue is amongst the worst I’ve ever heard – both in terms of writing and delivery.
Not all that scary.


I gave this game a fair crack of the whip, but after a few hours of playing it, it became more and more tiresome and uninteresting. The writing in the game is incredibly poor – and this may be down to translation errors, but even the delivery from the voice actors was painful. They couldn’t have sounded more bored if they tried, and it really did have a massive negative effect on me, because if the characters in the game don’t care about their surroundings, why on Earth should I? It’s definitely a game you’ll not miss playing.


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