Blackwell Epiphany – Mini Review!

What is it?

Blackwell Epiphany is the final game in the Blackwell series. Rosa and Joey – paranormal investigators – are asked to take on a case that the police are powerless to resolve.


PC, iOS, Android

Enjoyed the artwork.
Voice acting is strong.
Worst sound quality so far.
Bad ending to a weird story.
Obtuse puzzles for obtusenesses sake..


I think it’s pretty clear that I’m no fan of this series. Wadjeteye Games do have some really good games, and a lot of people like this one. Not me though, I’m pretty set against it at this point. To their credit, the voice acting is top notch, but the recording of it isn’t. Any time they shout, it’s really fuzzy and ear-shredding. Not worth getting in my opinion.


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